The latest status (Mar 2019) on the Royal Canal greenway is as follows:

I) Phase 2 Sheriff Street to North Strand Road – Jon’s Civil Engineering was appointed as contractors and began work on site in Q1 2019. Work is being held back by the delay in obtaining licenses

II) Phase 3 North Strand Road to Phibsborough Road – currently out to tender. Due to the complexity of the project and the number of tender queries received, the tender deadline has been extended until Wed 27th of March. It is expected that works will start in late Q2 2019

III) Phase 4 Phibsborough Road to Ashtown – detailed design for Phase 4a link from the greenway to Broombridge Luas is ongoing, however a wall on the Broome Bridge approach needs reconstruction and DCC Public Lighting (PL) has requested a PL upgrade. Design for phases 4b & 4c (greenway main line) is ongoing.

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